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Polo themed  brush - it can be used as a clothes brush or traditional military style hairbrush.


The classic military style hairbrush design dates from the 1700's. Based on a horse's currycomb this handle-less hairbrush was perfect for life on the move / on military campaign and is still effective for speedy grooming. Traditionally used as a pair (one in each hand) the hairbrush is perfect for short hairstyles and the dense pliable bristles won't leave comb marks. 



  • Dimensions: Length 12cm x Width 6.4cm x Height 4cm

    Made from lightly varnished wood, with decorative resin panel on the top and natural bristles.

    Background colour of resin panel decorating the brush is dark navy blue

    The bristles are comparatively soft and designed for short back and sides haircuts (or brushing fluff off your clothes) not for detangling long hairstyles.

    Gift boxed in quality black cardboard box - see image 



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